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Welcome to Dilla University Libraries and Information system

Motto: Read more, know more.

The library and information system which is as old as the university, has started its service in 1996 (1989E.C) with very few material facility and human resource. At the onset, there was only one reading hall, capable of accommodating not more than one hundred students at a time, with very limited resource. Few years later, the then Dilla College of Health sciences evolved to Dilla University and this has led to increasing need for more comprehensive library services. Currently, libraries are established at each college and institution level, with a total of 14 branch libraries that include a separate libraries for female students and post graduate libraries operating 24 hours with more than 300 staff involved. The number of the hard copy resources has also been grown tremendously, more than 50,000 hard copy resources are available today.

We strive to be preferable knowledge base both locally and internationally. Hence we work diligently to achieve our mission. We support teaching, learning and research activities of the university. Nowadays, as the internet is getting ubiquitous and libraries are demanding more and more automated facilities, most of the services are becoming digitized and accessed freely from any corner of the globe. That is why we call it digital age or digital era. Realizing the positive impact of digitization in fostering our service delivery, we have developed a digital library (Dilla University Digital Library, DUDLib)  that can be openly accessed in all our campuses. Although the number of currently available digital resources are very few, it will continue growing as more resources will be uploaded. Furthermore, our customers can easily locate, borrow, return, order etc. resources of their interest through our online automated system (open public access catalogue, OPAC).

Our digital library system will deliver a versatile services to satisfy the needs of its customers. The e-learning system will be among those additional services that will be delivered by our library system in near future. Furthermore, our library system hosts the Institutional Repository that will serve as a repertoire of research out puts and these resources will be freely accessed (without subscription) from any corner of the globe via internet.

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